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About Outspeaker

  1. Outspoken on just about everything;  unapologeticallly and cheerfully smug about it, too.
  2. Born April 2, 1934. Great depression pre-schooler; World War II schoolboy. Raised Chicago IL, West Hollywood CA.
  3. US Army veteran 1952-1955 near end of Korean War; tanks, heavy artillery; courts and boards clerical.
  4. University degrees: Bachelor of Science, Journalism and Communications, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, both U-IL/Champaign-Urbana.
  5. Worked since age 10:  delivering newspapers;  stocking supermarket shelves; Chinese food delivery; changing oil/pumping gas; bowling alley manual pinsetting; industrial/mechanical drawing;  new/used car sales; survey research and academic achievement test design and response coding; news reporting for  daily newspaper and news bureau assignments; rewrite desk editing;  industrial public relations; water resources research database compiling and abstracting; large-scale regional planning for  river basins and multi-county planning organizations; small business management; database programming; large-scale data processing. 
  6. Small business owner since dawn of first IBM-PC in 1981: Remote access engineering information search and retrieval; mailing list compiling and sales; NCOA chamge of address mailing list move updates and list cleanup.
  7. Federally registered submachine gun owner (Thompson M1A1); action match shooter and gunrange safety officer; gun rights activist and NRA-ILA election volunteer coordinator (EVC).
  8. Midwesterner rural resident since 1976.
  9. Diesel car owner (2006 VW Jetta TDI, 5 speed stick shift).
  10. 35mm German rangefinder camera collector; can clean/lube/adjust shutters and make them function.
  11.  Happily married almost 39 years; even happier with four kids grown up and mostly on their own.
  12. Supporter,  Act for America!, National Rifle Association, Christians United for Israel, Grassfire Nation.
  13. Use television set solely for viewing DVD motion pictures. No time for radio except Garrison Keillor. 
  14. Co-researcher with wife re appropriate regional planning, transportation, land use, farm land preservation and environmental protection in urbanizing countywide jurisdictions.
  15. Reader and researcher, with wife, of multiple hundreds of  books and online resource sites; strong interests in general and focused history; cultural anthopology; historical linguistics;  world fossil fuel depletion; likely and possible cosmologies; religion as culturally derived phenomena; central place theory in regional planning and development;  
  16. Chess player and pool table angle-shooter.
  17. Carpentry; hardwood floor and tile laying; casement window restoration; electrical circuit wiring.
  18. Daily workouts with wife at physical fitness center, and careful dieter with wife; lost 50 lbs past decade, wearing size 34 Lee and Arizona straight cut classic jeans for first time since high school. 
  19. Lived and studied overseas with wife in Israel and Croatia.
  20. Want America to live under freedom and Christian-based cultural norms of western civilization.
  21. Opposed to unlimited immigration into USA, and want all illegal aliens deported.
  22. Owned and rode Harley as high-schooler, Austin-Healey 100 classic sports car in late 1950s.
  23. But don’t try to figure me out too closely; you’ll never get it right.
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